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Riding Towards a Greener, Healthier Albania

At Active Mobility, we’re more than just an organization – we’re a movement dedicated to revitalizing Albania’s cycling culture. We believe in making cycling safe, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. Join us in creating a sustainable future, one pedal stroke at a time.

Cycling: A Pedal Forward in Climate Action

With transportation one of the leading causes of an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere producing that warming effect fueling these extreme events, riding a bike is a legitimate climate solution. A moderate increase in bicycling each year could save 6 to 14 million tons of carbon dioxide.

About Us

Empowering Sustainable Journeys on Two Wheels

Our mission is to promote and revitalize the culture of cycling in Albania by enhancing cycling safety awareness and developing efficient infrastructure. Through our initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, especially the youth, to embrace sustainable transportation, ensuring gender equality, promoting public health, and paving the way for environmentally conscious urban mobility. We aim making cycling affordable and accessible for all, especially vulnerable groups.

  • Safety Education: We organize workshops and campaigns to teach cycling safety to the community.
  • Building Cycling Paths: We work with governments and communities to create safe cycling lanes.
  • Gender Equality: We focus on encouraging women and girls to cycle through special events and forums.

Active Mobility organizes Bike Fest Tirana, the biggest bicycle festival in the country.

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