+355 68 274 8148

Sami Frasheri Str., AL-1000, Tirana, Albania

Active Mobility is dedicated to transforming Albania’s urban and rural landscapes into cycling-friendly communities, offering a range of services focused on safety education, community engagement, infrastructure development, and inclusive initiatives for all ages and genders.

  • Cycling Safety Workshops: We offer workshops to teach cyclists about road safety and best cycling practices.
  • Community Cycling Events: We organize events to encourage community cycling and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Cycling Infrastructure Advocacy: We work with authorities to advocate for better cycling lanes and facilities.
  • Youth Cycling Programs: Special programs designed to get young people excited about and involved in cycling.
  • Women’s Cycling Initiatives: Initiatives focused on encouraging more women and girls to take up cycling.
  • Cycling Education in Schools: We collaborate with schools to integrate cycling education into their curriculum.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: We provide opportunities for individuals to get involved in supporting cycling in their community.