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Empowering Sustainable Journeys on Two Wheels

Who We Are

Active Mobility is a beacon of transformation in Albania, dedicated to reinvigorating the nation’s cycling culture. Established on January 16, 2023, as a non-governmental organization, we are fueled by a vision of a greener, more inclusive Albania. We believe that sustainable transportation is not just a convenience, but a right accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

Our journey is more than promoting cycling; it’s about nurturing healthier communities and contributing to the health of our planet. At the core of our mission, we strive to make cycling safe, affordable, and accessible, especially for vulnerable groups.

Our Mission

To ignite and sustain the passion for cycling in Albania, we focus on enhancing cycling safety awareness and developing efficient infrastructure. Our initiatives are geared toward empowering individuals, particularly the youth, to embrace environmentally conscious urban mobility. We are committed to ensuring gender equality and promoting public health through our advocacy and actions.

Our Vision

We envision an Albania where every street welcomes cyclists, where every child, adult, and elder has the means and confidence to choose cycling as their mode of transport. A nation where sustainable transportation is a cornerstone of daily life, leading us to healthier communities and a more resilient planet.

How We Operate

Our organizational structure is the foundation of our efficiency and impact. The Board of Directors, composed of key founding members, oversees our strategic direction. The Executive Director manages day-to-day operations, ensuring that our programs, administration, and finances align with our goals.

We thrive on collaboration and consensus, with decisions made through participatory processes, ensuring diverse voices shape our path forward. Our decision-making principles are grounded in transparency and a collaborative approach, valuing community engagement and flexibility to adapt and grow.

Our Impact

From educational workshops to infrastructure advocacy, every step we take is a stride towards our vision. We collaborate with urban planners, municipalities, and the community to create a safe, welcoming environment for cyclists. By breaking down social barriers and addressing safety concerns, we’re creating an equitable space for all cyclists, especially women and girls.

Join Our Journey

Active Mobility is more than an organization – it’s a movement. A movement you can be part of, as a volunteer, supporter, or advocate. Together, we can pedal towards a sustainable, inclusive, and healthier future for Albania.